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A Detailed Assessment of Definite Area’s Investment Plans

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Definite Area’s web-based platform

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Pair currencies, indices, commodities, cannabis, ETFs, crypto

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Pros and Cons of Definite Area



Extensive platform offerings

Doesn’t accept U.S. clients

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Anonymous and unregulated broker

Segregates customers funds

No demo account

Limited insured trades

No research materials for clients

Investment and financial plans

Limited free educational content

Definite Area Overview

Definite Area is anonymous online forex and CFD broker founded in 2022. The broker doesn't provide its headquarters address, company history, and additional company information. It's also worth noting that the firm is unregulated.

Definite Area provides its clients access to major financial markets such as indices, commodities, shares, forex cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. The company offers its online trading services worldwide but does not accept U.S. traders like many forex brokers. 

Besides offering online trading services, Definite Area also provides investment plans and financial plans for its clients. Given that the company is still very new to the highly competitive online brokerage landscape, is this a way of separating itself from the competition, or are Definite Area's investment plans a scam? 

Below we provide a detailed assessment of the Definite Area's investment plans to answer that and more questions you may have about the broker.

A Closer Look at Definite Area Investment Plans

Definite Area offers six types of investment plans for its clients. These investment plans include

  1. Trading for beginners
  2. Secondary income plan
  3. Retirement plan
  4. Family plan
  5. Holiday plan
  6. VIP plan

Let's look at each investment plan in detail below. 

Training for Beginners

What is Definite Area's training for beginners? According to the broker's website, this training course is part of the broker's educational platform. The mentioned educational platform is not available for public view on the website; therefore, it is safe to say that it is only available to those clients who purchase the broker's accounts. 

In fact, one of the broker's bronze account features is an educational course at a beginner level.

The training for beginners course is intended for novice traders who have basic skills and want to have a stable trading income eventually. While under this training, traders get personalized financial plans and educational materials aimed at helping them increase their independent trading profits. 

Secondary Income Plan,

The next type of investment plan offered by Definite Area is the secondary income plan. The goal of the secondary income plan is to create an additional source of permanent income for the client. Traders can create this secondary income starting with any amount of capital. 

How do traders achieve the secondary income with whatever amount of initial capital they have? According to Definite Area, traders can achieve this goal by investing in financial products and selecting the right tools for passive income. 

As with any other investment plan offered by Definite Area, the broker's experts are the ones to help the trader create a specialized strategy that will help the trader meet their needs. Besides creating a specialized strategy for the trader, the experts also create a personal portfolio of assets and financial instruments for the trader.

Retirement Plan

The third type of investment plan offered by Definite Area is the retirement plan. According to the broker's website, this retirement plan ensures traders have enough money for retirement. The broker's path to enough resources for retirement is having a permanent secondary income. To get this secondary income which will help the client retire stress-free, the broker's experts analyze the trader's needs and potential. Then they create a financial strategy that encompasses the following:

  • Income redistribution
  • Client support
  • A look at the insurance system

Family Plan

The fourth type of financial plan is the family plan. This plan considers each family member. To start with, Definite Area experts assess each family member's financial situation and consider their goals, preferences, and capabilities. With that information, Definite Area creates an effective strategy meant to bring in more profits. 

Under the family plan, Definite Area experts create:

  • A financial plan for each family member.
  • A trading account for each member who is of age. 
  • A savings account within the parent account for members younger than 18 years.

As with every investment plan, the broker provides a personal manager to help and guide with executing the needed financial transactions to realize or implement the plan. 

Holiday plan

The holiday plan is intended to help plan for vacations and other material goals that the client may desire, like purchasing a property or a car. Definite Area zooms on your goal and financial position to create the holiday plan. 

With this plan, clients get automatic monthly deductions from their income to an escrow account. That way, the client does not need reminders to put in the monthly contribution towards the goal and is unable to spend the savings before it is time. 

VIP plan 

The final type of investment plan offered by Definite Area is the VIP plan. Clients with this plan are the first to get the 'hot' deals from the broker. Their trading accounts are part of an exclusive VIP community. Under the mentioned community VIP plan clients can track every trade and obtain strategies from the pro traders. 

According to the broker's website, clients with the VIP plan get immediate customer support, whether it's live chat, email, or phone call, as there is a dedicated VIP team ready to serve such clients. 

So with Definite Area, traders who purchase the most expensive accounts are the ones that get the most attention and services, which isn't necessarily how reputable brokers work.

Definite Area Trading Account Types

The types of trading accounts a broker provides determine the features a trader can access with each. Definite Area offers seven types of accounts with varying features as described below:

  1. Standard account
  2. Bronze account
  3. Silver account
  4. Gold account
  5. Platinum account
  6. Pro account
  7. VIP account

Standard Account

The standard account is the most basic one, and the key features are:

  • Personal account assistant
  • Standard leverage

Bronze Account

The available bronze account features include:

  • Beginner level course
  • Bonus
  • One insured trade
  • Bronze leverage
  • A personal finance assistant

Silver Account

This account comes with the following features according to the broker's website:

  • Silver leverage ratio
  • Company financing
  • Bonus
  • A standard level course
  • Four insured trades
  • A personal finance assistant

Gold Account

Clients who sign up for the Gold account get the following features:

  • Gold leverage ratio
  • Company financing
  • An advanced level course
  • A personalized investment strategy which includes a financial plan
  • Eight insured trades
  • A senior financial assistant


The Definite Area’s platinum account offers these features:

  • Bonus
  • Advanced company financing
  • Investment strategy and financial plan
  • A calendar of market events and trends updates
  • Trading signals
  • 16 insured trades
  • Access to mutual investment programs 
  • A financial assistant
  • Premium contracts
  • Company financing

PRO Account

According to the broker’s website, traders who purchase the PRO account have access to the following features:

  • Premium bonus
  • Premium company financing
  • Daily trading signals
  • Pro level leverage
  • Personal order notifications
  • A premium investment strategy and financial plan
  • Updates on market events and trends

VIP Account

The VIP is reserved for specific people, but the broker doesn't disclose the criteria for these people. Instead, anyone interested in the account should contact Definite Area’s financial experts to learn more about the account.

Our final thoughts on Definite Area’s Investment plans

Definite Area's investment plans all involve showing clients how to trade better to increase their profits and achieve their goals like going on a vacation, having enough money for retirement, generating stable trading income, and having a secondary source of permanent income. 

One of the questions traders may have in mind is why a company that is looking to help many people worldwide trade profitably not be transparent about company information like where it is based. Also, why not acquire licensing? Also, since every trader gets a personal financial assistant to guide them, how many does the company have to handle a global audience?


Traders would be more confident in the broker's services with more transparency on the company's side. The company should also provide a preview of the premium contents like their educational platform. 


Is Definite Area regulated?

No, Definite Area is not regulated by any regulatory body. The broker does not provide any licensing information on its website. 

What kind of trading platforms are available to customers of Definite Area?

Definite Area has its own web-based trading platform. Definite Areas, customers can only utilize their web-based platform. There is no downloading required. On the downside, the broker doesn't provide options to cater to traders with different investment styles like those who would prefer a desktop-based order or mobile-based version of the platform. Most brokers often provide clients with the mt4 trading platform, which is available for desktop web and mobile operating systems. 

Where is Definite Area based?

Definite Area is an anonymous forex and CFD broker. The broker does not provide basic company information like where it is based, the team company history, and the registered company name. 

What can you trade with Definite Area?

Definite Area provides access to a wide range of financial products across the forex indices, cryptocurrency, commodities, and stocks. At the time of writing this guide, Definite Area provides the following to its clients:

  • About 52 currency pairs, including the popularly traded EURUSD.
  • 12 ETFs which include GLD and SPY.
  • Nine cannabis
  • Popular crypto and USD pairs like BTCUSD
  • 19 Indices including NASDAQ and SP500.
  • Individual stocks like TSLA and AMZN
  • 17 commodities, including wheat and coffee.

What research tools does Definite Area provide?

Definite Area and does not provide comprehensive research packages or materials to its traders. The only resource related to research is the economic events and current trend updates that are only provided to clients who have the platinum and pro accounts. In contrast, most forex and CFD brokers dedicate sections within their website to research information that help the traders to stay up-to-date with the markets and make informed trade decisions.

How can I contact the Definite Area customer support team?

You can contact Definite Area customer support through email, phone, or live chat. Here are the details.

  • Call +442035355844, +3197010282402
  • Launch the live chat feature on the trading platform
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does Definite Area offer educational content?

Yes, Definite Area offers limited educational content on its website. At the time of writing this, the educational content available on the broker's website is a glossary of common terms in the online trading field and an explanation of what technical and fundamental analysis is all about.

Does Definite Area have NASDAQ?

Yes, Definite Area has NASDAQ and 18 other indices, including SP500. 

What are the Definite Area non-trading fees?

Definite Area fees are the charges that traders incur with the broker. There are trading and non-trading fees. Some non-trading fees include:

  • Inactivity fee is charged on an account that's not active (no trades, deposits, withdrawals, etc.)
  • Withdrawal commission is charged when the trader transfers funds from the trading account. 

Definite Area acknowledges the existence of the inactivity and withdrawal fees but doesn't disclose the exact amount charged. 

What are the Definite Area trading fees?

The trading fees traders are charged include

  • Spreads: traders can view the spread rates on the right-hand section of the platform before executing a trade. 
  • Swap rates: The broker charges a fixed rate on positions kept open after the market's closure. However, the broker doesn't indicate the amount of the fixed rate. 

How long does it take to withdraw from Definite Area?

While traders can withdraw money from Definite Area any day, anytime, the request can take up to seven business days to process. In case of additional issues, the withdrawal request processing can take more than seven days, but the client is updated on the status through email or phone. 

What is Definite Area all about?

Definite Area is an online brokerage firm that offers traders a platform to access and trade several financial instruments across major financial markets. The broker also offers investment plans aimed at helping its clients make more money trading and achieve their monetary goals. 

Does Definite Area accept PayPal?

No, Definite Area doesn't accept PayPal for either deposits or withdrawals. Instead, the accepted payment methods are:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Crypto transfers
  • Bank wire transfer.

Does Definite Area have a demo account?

Definite Area doesn't provide a demo account. A demo account is usually important for novice traders to practice their trading skills and strategies before investing real money. However, a demo account is not only important for novice traders. Seasoned traders who aren't used to a particular trading platform use a demo account to acquaint themselves with the platform. 

Which forex currency pairs does Definite Area offer?

Definite Area offers nearly 52 currency pairs for clients to choose from. These include EURUSD, 

What is the minimum initial deposit for Definite Area?

The minimum initial deposit for Definite Area is 200 euros. These funds can be deposited through bank wire transfers, crypto transfers, or credit/debit cards.  

How do I open an account with Definite Area?

Opening an account with Definite Area is simple. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the Definite Area's website
  2. Hit the 'Open account' button on the top right section of the broker's website
  3. Fill out the pop-up form( first name, second name, phone number, email, country, and password)
  4. Log in to the platform using the email account and password in the previous step.

Does Definite Area use MetaTrader?

No, Definite Area doesn't use MetaTrader 4 or 5. Instead, the broker has a web-based trading platform that its clients use. Unfortunately, the broker doesn't provide a mobile-based and desktop-based trading platform for its users.


How long has Definite Area been a broker?

Definite Area has been a broker for a few months, having launched in 2022. 

Are Definite Area spreads fixed or variable?

Definite Area spreads are variable. However, the spread for most commodities, indices, and ETTs, is around 0.01 euros. The spread is around 0.1 euros for currency pairs, especially globally traded currency pairs. 

Is Definite Area a reliable broker?

Definite Area doesn't have much experience in the online trading landscape. It takes time to be considered as a reliable broker. It means there are consistent results over a long period of time. 

Does Definite Area segregate the client's funds? 

Definite Area separates the client's money from the company's funds. This is important because if anything happens to the company's finances, the client's funds are not affected. 

What are the registration requirements for Definite Area?

Definite Area doesn't have a lengthy list of requirements for potential traders. The only requirement is that you're above 18 years and accept the broker's terms and conditions. 

What are the risks of trading with unregulated brokers like Definite Area?

Trading with an unregulated broker means the broker may not face the consequences of the law in case of trade violations or violations of other laws. 

Can Definite Area terminate your account?

Yes, Definite Areas can terminate your account. One of such incidents where this can happen is when you don't verify your account. All customers must undergo identity verification according to the broker's terms and conditions. Verification is simple and only requires two types of documents:

  • Proof of residency (utility bill, bank statement)
  • Proof of identity (photo ID, passport, driver's license)
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