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Offertoro: How to monetize your traffic resource?

For many professionals, search engine optimization is quite a fascinating process that they can do for their own interest and the fun of it. They create some thematic resources, blogs, or entertainment portals.

At a certain point, having achieved success and high positions in search results, most begin to think about how to make money by selling traffic on the Internet. After all, a well-promoted website can be a powerful source of income. You only need to know how to get paid for your efforts. And there is a great service called OfferToro that can help you with your goal cause it has already helped thousands of other users.

The basic concept is to redirect your visitors to another website whose owner is paying you for it. Many brands are willing to pay for such users because it is an easy way to attract a targeted audience. There are other ways to make money, but let's talk about them in order.

Redirecting visitors

This is the easiest way to make money on traffic to your site. The process begins at special marketplaces, where you can place your website. Advertisers apply there, they place their applications with detailed requirements. Webmasters, in turn, consider these requests and decide on cooperation. And when the advertisement is placed on the resource, its owner receives payment for each user's transition to the landing page.

This is the most favorite webmaster's monetization of traffic on the site. Naturally, there are other ways.

How to monetize your traffic resource Offertoro rewarded ads service

Contextual advertising

All you have to do is enable the ability to publish ads on the pages of your website. The webmaster will receive payment for each click on the ad. The cost per click depends on the size of the resource and the frequency of keywords used by the advertiser during the setup of the ad context campaign.

Native advertising

This is a great way to monetize your website traffic. It consists of publishing advertising articles with links to the advertiser's website.

The advantages of such advertising for the brand are obvious:

  • It is unobtrusive;
  • Attracts the attention of the potential audience if the material is interesting and useful to readers;
  • The link goes not just to users but to leads. That is, visitors who are ready to perform the target action;
  • Increases brand loyalty;
  • There is also traffic from social media if the blog has an account there.

Social media accounts

Recently, more and more personal accounts have started to appear, which, for one reason or another, are subscribed to by a lot of people. It is possible that their owners did not plan to promote them on social networks, and the audience came on their own because of quality content. One way or another, you can make good money on your promoted account, too.

In many ways, monetizing social media traffic is similar to making money from websites. The nuances depend on the particular social network and its internal rules.

The owner of a promoted blog has the main benefit is the cost of this advertising article, because usually, one publication costs the advertiser quite a lot because of all the benefits listed above.

Automated OfferToro monetization service

There are also many other features to monetize your traffic source, if you want to have automated solutions, you can find available monetization options on a great service like OfferToro. This service provides the ability to quickly integrate many automated advertising modules into your website or application that will help you earn more money today.

Just simply register at the OfferToro service and find out how you can start monetizing your traffic today, easily and quickly.


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